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You Can #DIY

Congratulations! You’ve picked your theme, you’ve secured your venue, you’ve booked all your vendors and you’ve done it with your partner. You’ve picked your bridesmaids, he’s chosen his groomsmen, and you’re sailing through this process; until you realize it’s crunch time…

Some people would say it’s inevitable- that you sail through the process and realize that time is not on your side or your budget for décor is just simply too little. We have all envisioned our wedding to look a certain way; some want an elegant floral design, some want the ol’ rustic wooden slab, and some just want simplicity. How do we make our dream wedding aesthetic come alive?

Just DIY girl!Sometimes, you just gotta do it yo’self

Once you have chosen your theme [click here for our blog about how to choose your theme] envisioning décor will come soon after! There are so many creative ways to do this. The funny thing is, you don’t even need to be artsy to do it! The best part of DIY is that you have full control of the design, and you can truly say that your décor is an originale!

Here are a couple ideas on how to implement DIY’s in your wedding:


No one wants an empty table! However, no one wants to spend $30.00 on one table- because $30.00 x 23 tables equal… you get the picture! IT’S EXPENSIVE.

So, let’s cut that number more than half!

Mismatch made in heaven!

Garage sales and thrift stores will usually sell bottles, bowls, or jars in a bundle for a very inexpensive price. You can even find these bottles in your own home and they don’t even need to match. You can paint them, fill them up, or even wrap them in twine- let your creative juices flow!


Floral design is one of the most popular wedding décors yet! To save on the bucks, you can use silk faux flower arrangements. The best thing about using silk faux flowers, is that they look real! Ladies and Gents’ it is very okay, I assure you, to use a mix and match at your wedding; your bouquet can be composed of real flowers but you can substitute on the corsages and boutonnieres and it can look just as beautiful. This is a great way to still bring your floral wedding dream come true and still stay on budget; and just like your love- these flowers will never die! See what I did there?

Signs and Receiving Table

You know, you mustn’t underestimate how much it costs to purchase personalized signs for your wedding! Signs and décor for your receiving tables may not seem like the ol’ hole in the wallet- but with your creativity, it is a perfect way to make your wedding as vibrant or simplistic as you like. Why don’t you make a date out of it while you’re at it- create your stencil, bring out those paintbrushes, and get to painting! Also, there’s always a chalk marker that can smoothen out those lines- the best thing about it, is you can hang in up in your own home after the wedding.


This can be as personal, creative or clever as you like. Gifting favours to your guests not only allows them to remember your day, but it also gives you a chance to show your appreciation for their attendance. This favour can be edible, it can also be useful, it can even be simply admirable and memorable- favours can be absolutely anything you like. Here are a few ideas:

Second-hand Décor

Finding second-hand wedding décor is a smart way to save some cash. If you know that you’ve overspent on one part of your wedding, using second-hand décor is a great way to stay on budget and still make your dream wedding come alive. There’s no harm in reducing, reusing, and recycling!

DIY is not just to save money- DIY can be used to completely transform your wedding to the perfect personalized celebration of your union. DIY wedding décor can give you a chance to bring your partner into the process where wedding planning can be stress-free and fun. Make your wedding your own!

Happy Planning


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