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"Yes! To the Dress": Which Silhouette?

There is always a perfect fit for everyone and every body. This blog can help figure out which shapes might work for your body type and which may not be as flattering! Remember: this also depends on what you would like to accentuate and what kind of look you are going for. You might have more than one of these body types which means- more styles to try on! Please note that it is your wedding; you can wear whatever dress your heart desires and it will be perfect! However, if you’re curious, you might find some of these tips helpful!

Ball Gown

The traditional “princess” dress we’ve all grown to know! This dress has a full skirt that takes a rounded shape on the hips. It is a fitted bodice that hits on the natural waistline creating a slimmer mid-section.

Yes Ma’am!

If you have a slimmer build, this dress will make you look curvier. It is also great for pear-shaped brides who want to showcase their smaller waistline and blend their curves in the skirt. This is also a great dress to consider for busty brides; it creates a beautiful balance.

No Sir!

Petite brides might not want to gravitate to this type of dress because it might “swallow” them. This dress also tends to hide the curves, so it might not be a good fit for a bride who would like to show their curves off.

Dropped waist

Simply, this dress drops below your natural waistline around the hips area. The skirt is often straight, and fullness is minimal. It is elegant in its simplicity!

Yes Ma’am

This is a great dress for brides that want a dress to hug their torso. Oftentimes, it helps to flaunt the natural curves. Simplicity meets sexy!

No Sir!

For brides with broad shoulders, straight body types or an athletic build, it might not be flattering as it tends to create a “boxy” look. On the other hand, this dress can also accentuate the curves- so brides who are not comfortable showcasing their curves, may not find this dress flattering.


This dress takes the characteristics of a dropped waist; simplistic and elegant. However, more simplistic, it is a straight dress throughout the top and the bottom. It is a form-fitting dress which tends to hug the body. This dress follows the natural body line without any flare.

Yes Ma’am

Petite brides will find that this type of dress adds length. This dress is also flattering for tall brides with a slim build.

No Sir!

Brides with curves, pear or apple-shaped brides might find this dress unflattering. The straight look on the dress may not hug the curves in a flattering in way.


Many confuse this dress for the Mermaid, however the differences between them might guide you to choose this great style! This dress has a straight-lined skirt that flares from the knees giving it the “trumpet” shape. This dress not as tight [though form-fitting] as the mermaid.

Yes Ma’am

Brides who are curvy and looking to show off their curves might like this alternative to the mermaid dress. This dress is not as restrictive and offers more movement and comfort while emphasizing the bust and hip area.

No Sir!

Brides who are apple-shaped might not find this cut as flattering as it can be more snug that one may like.


This dress has a fitted bodice and creates a waistline that above our natural waist. It has a loose fitted skirt that skims the body beautifully.

Yes Ma’am

Petite brides will love this dress as it makes brides look longer. This dress also creates a great balance making petite brides look leaner. For brides that are less not as busty or top heavy, this dress may accentuate the chest area in a flattering way.

No Sir!

For Curvier brides, this cut can overemphasize the bust area as well as it can make the hips look wider creating an unbalance look.


This dress- known to be the traditional and popular choice for brides. It is narrow at the top and extends along the body in the shape of an A.

Yes Ma’am

There’s a reason this style is a popular choice; it fits ALL body types beautifully. It is also comfortable, breathable, and there is lots of room for movement. This dress is flattering on all body types and is an A+ for all brides. This can be especially true for plus size brides ad the cut of this dress is a flattering hide-a-way for curves wished to be hidden away.

No Sir!

Cons? Can’t think of one! Other than your preference, of course! If you are a bride that wishes to have a less traditional or a sexier look, this dress may not make your top 5.


Mermaids are a slim, body and curve hugging skirt that follows the natural line of the hips and thighs. Like the Trumpet, it flares out from the knees; often a fuller flare.

Yes Ma’am

For the brides who wish to have a sexy dress, this is a perfect dress for you! This is perfect for hour-glass figures or brides who want to accentuate their curves.

No Sir

This might not be a great option for brides who want a breathable dress. Some brides may find this dress restrictive, tight and form-fitting.

Short: Tea length

Typically, a style that works best for a relaxed low-key, or semi-formal wedding. It is a dress with a fitted torso, tapered waist, and it flares out to knee length

Yes Ma’am

This dress offers lots of room for movement and it accentuates the natural curves.

No Sir!

Petite brides may not find this style flattering if not at the proper length. “Knee length” for petite brides may fall below the knees right above the ankles creating an awkward fit. Alterations are always an option though!

Co-Ord: Separates

This style is not at all the typical or traditional dress. This style is trendy and is easily adjustable for outfit changes. It is a two-piece set with a cropped bodice matched with a long skirt or pant.

Yes Ma’am

If you are looking for comfort and are comfortable with showing skin, this can be a flattering dress for you. It is adjustable and allows you to choose a bottom with the appropriate length of choice. It is a sexy choice and it leaves lots of room to dance!

No Sir!

This style may not be as flattering for apple-shaped brides or brides who are uncomfortable showing off their mid-section.


A trendy one-piece pant style outfit. It is non-traditional, but very appropriate for a wedding not only as a guest, but as the beautiful bride.

Yes Ma’am

Slimmer or taller builds might find this style flattering. This style also allows ample room for movement and comfortability.

No Sir!

Petite brides might not find this style flattering as it might hit the waistline awkwardly. Brides who are apple-shaped or curvy might also find this style unflattering or uncomfortable. This can also be problematic when needing to use the restroom!

The dress chooses you. The moment you put your hands on the dress, the dress just knows it belongs to you! Though this blog might help to narrow down which styles you might like, just know that if you keep an open mind- any one of these styles can work for you!

Happy Shopping!


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