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Venue Coordinator, Wedding Coordinator... What's the Difference?

Often times I will have a potential client say “the venue has a coordinator, why should I hire another one? Aren’t they the same?”

The answer is most definitely: NO!

That came out harsher than I intended, allow me to explain.

Now they’re not entirely wrong, most if not all venues will have a coordinator, but we don’t do the same things. This is where it gets confusing for most people, so I thought it would be super helpful to outline the differences between a venue’s coordinator and a wedding coordinator/planner.

Here we go!

A VENUE coordinator, also referred to as a venue sales (emphasis on SALES) coordinator, represents the venue.

This person is most likely to be the one to showcase the hall, go over prices with you, to discuss food and drink options, in house menu vs outside catering and the cost differences of such; and also when and where your other vendors will have access to the hall on the day of. This person will deal with staffing and stocking of the dining hall and bar as well as general set up of linens, tables and chairs. Venues tend to have more than one coordinator and more often than not, the coordinator on your day of will be a completely different person from the one you discussed all the above with.

To put it simply the venue coordinator is there to look out for the venue and the responsibilities of the venue itself as a whole. It’s easiest to view this person(s) as another vendor.

A WEDDING coordinator or planner looks at the day as a whole. We represent you, and look out for your interests first. Think of us as the quarterback- we call the plays. We’re the ones calling the shots on your behalf so that you can simply just enjoy the day.

As your wedding coordinator/planner, it’s our responsibility to ensure your whole day runs smoothly and most importantly on time. We liaison with all your vendors (photographers, videographers, hair and makeup, etc) INCLUDING the venue coordinator, and ensure that all of them are where they need to be, when they need to be (and with everything they need) in accordance to your day-of-schedule.

Now we’re not writing this post to demean our friendly neighbourhood venue coordinators. In-fact we need them (or someone from the venue). We need a point person that understands the venue and knows well what is accessible and what it’s limitations are. Your day is likely to go extremely smooth with both of us around.

So I hope that sheds some light on the different roles so you can tell us apart now.

As always if you have any questions about this or want to book a free 1 hour no obligation consultation, contact us anytime!

See you next time!


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