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Trimming Your Guest List! >.<

Okay... this is a touchy subject, but it's necessary to talk about.

It's easy to think up a list of people you want to be at your wedding- but oh so quickly can one thing lead to another; and all of a sudden you find yourself with double the numbers you can actually afford!

So how do you go about trimming that down?

First of all, don't do this by yourself! You should be doing this with your future Mr. or Mrs. It's important to have someone to talk things through with especially when you're stuck. Sometimes, depending on your family/friends dynamic, you may want to include your parents or solicit advice from your bridal party (assuming they're the ones closest to you). But don't do that until you have a preliminary list drafted.

When you're stuck, first consider "is it necessary for this person to be there?" Sounds a bit harsh, but the answer should be easy to come by. If you don't find yourself saying "YES" right away, maybe it's not necessary to put that person on your guest list. If you're teetering put them on the maybe.

Family can be tricky too. I come from a Filipino family and they can get quite large with grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. What's more is family friends, ones you (or your parents) consider blood- and this is where things can get hairy. When it comes to family, I recommend doing this list before friends, as blood is blood so to speak. If you happen to have a small family, this list should be quick.

With friends, it's probably easier to go about this by exploring the different social circles/circles of influence you belong to. School, Work, Clubs and extracurriculars for example.

PRO TIP: Be sure to mark these 'categories' somehow so when you do your seating chart, it's easy to seat them.

Next consider is this person in your immediate social circle/circle of influence? Sometimes when you invite someone it's automatic to invite someone else in the same social circle as not to cause tension in your social group. This can be a sticky spot as you may not be as close to the second person as you are to the first.

Regardless if the person is family or friend, always consider your personal relationship with that individual- has he/she been present in significant events in your life, are they always around when you're having a good time? If so then put them on your "yes" list, and if not, maybe leave them on the "maybe" until you've hashed out the rest of your list and know you have room for more.

Think in table sizes. This can be a bit of a strange concept to people and you can only really do this if you're in the final stages of or have already booked your venue and know how many tables you're going to have. Most round tables will seat in 8's or 10's in most venues, 12 in larger ones. Rectangular long tables can be 12s, 16s, or even more depending on your venue layout. Keep these numbers in mind when you're working on your guest list for the simple reason of who are you going to seat this person beside?

Another reason you should be thinking in tables is because it'll break this seemingly large task into smaller more manageable pieces. It also puts a cap and creates a hard limit for you to consider when you're weighing your maybe list. Placing reasonable restrictions on yourself is the key to completing this task.

I hope this has helped you even if it's in some small way.

We can always go through these kind of things in full detail and cater it to you. Contact us today for a free 1 hour non-obligatory consultation (GTA only).

See you next time!


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