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Tips: How to say "Yes! To the Dress"

Okay Ladies. We know that planning the Big Day is stressful- but has anyone ever mentioned

DRESS STRESS? Yes, this is real- but not to worry, follow these tips and you are on your way to being stress-free, not dress-free!

Research: What do you like?

Dream. You are allowed to. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to dream. Obviously, dream within your means. Look at different styles of dresses and keep sample pictures of the ones you like. It’s okay if you don’t know what styles are suited for you; be happy with the styles you like. Make a pinterest board. Enjoy the find!

Be Open

There are a million different dresses in the world. There are tons of different styles that you can choose from. The world is yours. All you have to do is be open; be open to a dress that you wouldn't normally try on. Wedding dresses are different, they vibe differently. Try on a few dresses for fun; try it, you might like it.

Shop Early- but not too early!

Looking for a dress is a process! Some might find their dress on the first try and others might need a few shopping trips to do so. That’s okay! When shopping within a timeline, there are things to consider; fittings and alterations. Give yourself ample time to enjoy the experience so you don't experience DRESS STRESS. On the other hand, jumping the gun and shopping too early might result in changing your mind! Always remember that trends fade and your opinion changes too, let's avoid the switch-up! Find a good in between and you are set!

Budget: Find one and Stick to it!

There is nothing worse than finding a dress you love and realizing that it is way over your budget! The best way to navigate through this shopping process is to try on dresses that are below your budget and work your way up towards your budget. That way, you don’t have to go through the heartbreak, and you can find a beautiful dress within your budget!

Keep in mind: Theme

Theme is important; consider season, venue, and colour schemes etc. If your wedding ceremony and reception is an outdoor summer wedding- you may want your dress and/or accessories to compliment that. You might consider a flower crown instead of a veil, or perhaps a sleeveless dress instead of a thicker sleeve. An overcoat or shawl for a winter wedding is a lovely way to accessorize your dress without disrupting the beauty of the dress. Try to find things that will compliment your dress to match your theme.


This may be the easiest part of choosing your wedding dress, or the hardest. The fact of the matter is, every body type is different and there are many silhouettes that may flatter some body types more than others. A big ball gown adds drama and can be the perfect princess dress, but it can also be overwhelming on a petite frame. A trumpet or mermaid style accentuates natural curves but may not be comfortable for some brides. When choosing the silhouette of a dress, you should consider comfort, confidence, and preference! Always remember, it’s your wedding- wear whatever makes you feel good!

Fabrics and Textures

Some brides love textures and bling like lace or beadings on their dress. A heavier fabric will work to smooth out your figure whereas a less textured design [such as silk or satin] may not be as flattering for other brides. Think about what you would like to accentuate, and this can help narrow down options and designs.

Wedding shows!

All things weddings and more! Jumpstart the planning process by going to a few wedding shows with different vendors. Wedding shows often showcase wedding dresses and collections that help to give you inspiration. Some brides may find it helpful to shop during a wedding show and you never know; you can win that free wedding dress raffle!

Stay True: You love what you love

This is your big day; you can wear whatever your heart desires! It’s very easy to bring your shopping crew with you and get discouraged with opinions. You might hear "it's nice, but it's not wow", or "it's just okay"; but the ultimate decision lies with you. Think about comfort, confidence, and wear it with love and care. P.S. just because you don’t cry, doesn’t mean it’s not the one- every reaction is different!

Enjoy the Process

Self-explanatory. Make this an experience that you can look back on and smile. Enjoy the company, enjoy each dress and even enjoy the moments not so great. Soak it all in, it doesn’t last very long! The dress will find you!

As always, you know where to find us!

Happy shopping


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