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The Wedding Theme: Where Do We Start?

It’s finally time.

After years of scrolling and saving brilliant ideas and flashes of I’m definitely doing that for my wedding, it's time to look at your secret wedding board on Pinterest - what do you see?

Rustic, modern, elegant, nautical, all white with lots of greenery... many great ideas, but which one to choose?

One of the biggest aspects in the wedding world is the delivery - vision, aesthetic, and style. It is very easy to get lost in all the unique and popular trends, but in the grand scheme of things, the most important part of the wedding is celebrating the both of you!

How can your wedding theme be a representation of both of you?

Here are some questions to ask yourselves to help bring your wedding closer to the perfect theme:

Where was your first meeting or first date? Looking back on your first date can be incorporated in your wedding in a number of ways. Whether you have pictures of your first date on your receiving table or you incorporate your first date as a lawn game in the summer. People would definitely enjoy a game of mini put during cocktail hours in the summertime!

How and where did he propose? There is nothing better than having a video of your proposal played during your reception to reminisce on your journey - all the stress, planning, and effort was surely worth it!

Do you have any favourite cities or countries you'd love to visit or have visited together?

If Italy is your favourite country - why not have an Italian family style seating arrangement for your reception? There are so many ways to incorporate your favourite country in your wedding, whether it would be a seating arrangement, a taste of paradise, or even some décor for a centre piece!

Asking some questions regarding your own relationship is one way to personalize your own special day. This can help to draw together a clearer picture of what your day will look like.

Tips to you choose your wedding theme

1. In what season will your wedding take place?

Different seasons can help decide colour schemes!

Spring colours are usually associated with beautiful soft pastel colours. The thought of having pinks, purples, blues, and greens may come to seem as being too busy- but the softness of the pastels really works to bring a spring theme together!


Photo by Beyond Infiniti Photography

Summer colours can be as bold or subtle as you like! Summer colours can sometimes take couples on a tropical journey with colours of the ocean, or many times, soft pinks and blush palettes blend beautifully with soft greens.

Photo by Bluehouse Photos

The perfect blends of greys, off-whites, and mauve will help to depict a beautiful blend of colours for the winter season! Not only will these colours compliment the bride's icy white dress, but it will tie a winter wedding together with a cool tone!

Photo by Livi Shaw Photography

Fall- a picture perfect wedding also known to be a season height in the wedding industry brings a beautiful collection of colours to help nature’s changing a complementary use of decoration. Popular navies and mauves as well as forest greens, golds and oranges separate colour schemes from the rest of the seasons!

Photo by Beyond Infiniti Photography

2. What does your Venue contribute to your theme?

When choosing your theme, one of the things you should consider is your venue. Because a big chunk of the cost will be for the venue itself, choosing a theme that best compliments the décor of the venue will help eliminate extra costs and it will help you to envision a clear picture of your wedding day. For example, an outdoor barn wedding will usually be associated with a rustic-country feel, whereas an indoor modern venue might bring forth a classic wedding theme. What does your venue tell you about your wedding day?

3. Cultural or Traditional Values

If you are starting from scratch and you don’t have a venue chosen, or you don’t have any particular colours in mind, looking at your inner cultural values and traditions to help build a unique and beautiful wedding. In a traditional Chinese wedding, both bride and groom are dressed in the colour red for luck, joy and happiness. At the same time, a traditional tea ceremony takes place where the bride and groom serve tea to both sets of parents. This represents the merging of both families as one. Incorporating cultural or traditional ceremonies for your wedding not only helps to bring your theme together, but it also creates a meaningful display of who you are.

Picking a theme can be very intimidating. Sometimes, it can be very frustrating and confusing.

However, if you stay true to who both of you are and what little moments or certain aspects in your relationship say about you, you can never go wrong. Stay with one thing at a time; start simple. Focus on the things that represent the both of you and this is what will make your wedding great. Not only will it make it easier to plan, but it will be the best representation of the both of you! Isn’t that what your wedding celebration is all about?

Happy planning! Make sure to leave a comment for other brides and grooms struggling with this part of the process! As always, don't be shy to ask questions, we're always here to help!

See you all very soon xo


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