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On Choosing Your Wedding Bands

You are now engaged! It is time to buy your wedding bands. But how do you know which wedding band to choose?

Let's go back a little and take a brief look at the history of wedding rings.

Did you know that the first recorded exchanged of rings can be traced back in ancient Egypt dating back more than 3,000 years ago. Couples presented each other with braided rings designed from hemp or reeds. Eventually, the fragile material was replaced with bands that are made from leather, bone, or ivory. It was said that the more expensive the material used, the more love was shown.

What does this ring symbolize?

The wedding rings (or bands) symbolize eternal love, devotion and commitment between the couple- a circle which with no beginning or end.

Among other items you will be purchasing for your wedding, your rings are one of the most important and it a great journey to take together!

There are many different materials and styles for wedding bands. Some people like to have matching bands, while others like distinct, but complementary bands.

But how do you know which one is right for you?

Here are 5 things to consider when purchasing for your wedding bands:


Before anything else, you need to set a budget for your wedding bands as this will help you better narrow down your options when it comes to style and material.

They say, on average, three percent of the overall wedding budget goes to wedding bands. But it doesn’t always have to be that way as there is no actual rule or "right" way to price out your bands. You just want to be sure that you are both comfortable with the budget

There are many shops and online stores that sell similar styles so it’s good to do some research and ask your friends for some recommendations before deciding on the final one.


Most everyone has an idea of what style they want for their wedding band. Like most things, your first instinct is probably right. Some things to consider are colour, thickness, gems/no gems? Matching or "belonging?" do you plan to wear it with your engagement ring?

Consider trends as well. Not just the recent fads, but reoccurring ones such as vintage.

Thinking along the lines of these questions will help focus on your style.

Pro tip- always try them on and get a feel for them not only for style, but weight.


Material has a huge impact on style.

Gold (Plain Yellow, White, Rose) is the most common and considered to be the traditional form for wedding bands. In addition, gold looks great on almost every skin tone. It is also easy to maintain as long as it’s polished regularly. The simple and practical material makes it still the most popular choice

Platinum is a stunning metal that subtly screams luxury and exclusivity. It is naturally hypoallergenic and less likely to cause skin reactions, making it a popular choice to those with sensitive skin. Overtime, it will wear and scratch with use but a good polishing will make it like new.

Titanium is popular choice among men. It is durable, strong, lightweight, easy to maintain and is also hypoallergenic. Titanium rings are impossible to resize because of its hardness and resistance to heat.

Tungsten is another popular alternative choice. It is scratch-proof, which makes it a fantastic option if you lead an active lifestyle. Tungsten, like titanium, also cannot be resized due to the hardness of the metal. ​​

Silicone, this is a newer trend. Silicone rings naturally stretch and bend, come in a variety of different designs and colours, so they are perfect for couples who have active profession and lifestyle.

Tattoos are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Tattoos are perfect for those who don't want to wear a physical ring, but still want something to symbolize their love and commitment. The best part is that it can take the form of anything! You can go with putting your fiancée’s initials or full name. You can even opt for simple bold lines or even symbols and patterns that have special meaning to both of you.


Engraving is one of the ways to add a personal touch on your wedding bands. It makes it more unique and only yours. You can put your initials, your wedding or anniversary date, your favourite love quotes and bible verse or even your favourite number. There are so many options you can do here but decide for something that has a special value to you and your fiancée.

Everyday Use and Comfort

And lastly, when selecting your wedding band, it is important to remember that you will be wearing it every day from the day you get married so choose something that fits your style and lifestyle needs. Choose something that you are comfortable with, wherever you go. Of course, your wedding band has to perfectly fit your ring finger so be sure to allot time to go to the jewellery store before your wedding day!

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